Book Review: Demon Gates by Robert Day

       In this first book of the Nexus Wars Saga, seventeen-year-old Valderion’s world comes crashing down when Hill Trolls, huge monstrous creatures, decimate his home village of Shadowvale and kill his father. Valderion vows for revenge and is prepared to lay down his life to kill the Hill Trolls, but he has no idea that he plays a major role in saving the world outside of Shadowvale. He is left with a mysterious Dragon Tear from his dead mother and discovers a Dream Plane, in which he is trained in the arts of sword fighting. Even with his new skills, his life is still in peril with enemies at every corner and horrid Demons from the Voids hunting him down. Can Valderion fulfill his destiny and banish the Demons back to the Voids once and for all? Or will he hesitate and be cut down along with the rest of the world? This 946-page book is sure to satisfy readers who love action and adventure. I will rate this book 5 stars out of five because it contains a lot of action and I enjoyed reading this book.


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