Book Review: Insurrection by Jeffrey Poole

     In the second book of the Bakkian Chronicles, Steve and Sarah travels back to Lentari when they hear that the Queen was kidnapped by a Ylanian wizard. They rush to the rescue and, with the help of Pryllan and Rhenyon, they managed to reclaim the Queen. They discover that the Queen’s jhorun had been stolen by Shardwin’s son with a magic-stealing goblet and Steve goes after him. Rhenyon, Sarah, and Steve discovers the lair of the wizard and takes back all the jhorun he stole. The wizard and Steve meet in a final showdown in a tavern and everything is at risk. Who will prevail and who will fail? This 810-page book is a delightful addition to the Bakkian Chronicles. I will rate this book 5 stars out of 5 because it was just as good as the first book and is worth every penny I spent on it.


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