Book Review: Amulet of Aria by Jeffrey Poole

       In this final book of the Bakkian Chronicles, Steve and Sarah escort Mikal back to his home world, where tensions are rising. The dwarves are preparing for war, dragon raids are much more common, and the evil sorceress managed to attack Mikal on the Nohrins’ world. Their only hope of protecting Mikal now is to find a piece of an ancient talisman thought to be lost centuries ago- half of the Amulet of Aria. The half of the Amulet of Aria can enhance the holder’s jhorun ten times stronger than a jorii, which is why they must recover it before it falls into the sorceress’s hand. Will they manage to find it before time’s up? This 895-page book holds the stunning conclusion to the Bakkian Chronicles. I will rate this book 5 stars out of 5 because it was very interesting with all the dragons and griffins. I enjoyed reading this book.


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