Book Review: The Queen’s Blade by T. C. Southwell

     This fast-paced adventure is about the Queen’s Blade, an assassin employed by the Queen to kill any traitors because the kingdom is in an Endless War with the desert tribes in the west. The Queen’s Blade is the most deadly assassin and can kill any target without anyone noticing, even a target with 10,000 soldiers protecting him. When the Queen’s Blade is captured by thugs, the Queen tears apart the city looking for him. He is found in a cellar beaten up very badly and the Queen vows to have whoever did it hanged. The Queen’s Blade is sent to assassinate the king of the desert tribes and succeeds, bringing the prince with him. When Blade is betrayed by a “loyal” spy, no one knows where he is. Will Blade be found or killed? This 653-page book is perfect for readers who like intrigue and action. I would rate this book 4.5 stars out of 5 because there were many surprises and sudden action that kept me on my toes.


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