Book Review: Vertical Run by Joseph R. Garber

      This 305-page book is about a forty-seven year old man named Dave Elliot. One day, everyone he meets in his office building tries to kill him. It starts off with his company’s president strolling into his office with a gun in his hand. From there on, things get worse and worse. He discovers that even his family, friends, and colleagues want him dead. He is trapped in a fifty-story building with armed gunmen and ruthless mercenaries after him. Dave’s enemies expected him dead by noon, but he isn’t the ordinary quarry. Dave used to be a soldier twenty-five years ago, but his old instincts are coming back as enemies pursue him at each corner. Dave later finds out that he has a dangerous virus that could kill every single organism on the planet. I would rate this book 4.5 stars out of five because I liked the fast-paced story full of intrigue and suspense. I also liked the booby-traps Dave set to slow his pursuers down. WARNING: CONTAINS SOME ADULT MATERIAL. NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART.


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