Book Review: Sanctum’s Breach by Jeff Inlo

      This first book in the Delver Magic series is about Ryson Acumen, a purebred delver who sensed the changes as a rolling tremor passes through the land. He learned that it signaled the return of magic from a wood elf he met along the way. Ryson continues to explore the source of the tremor and learns along his journey that the legends actually held more truth than fantasy. He discovers from the elves that the Sphere of Ingar, used to trap all the magical energies a long time ago, is finally free from its tomb in Sanctum Mountain. As evil creatures return to the world, the Sphere gains awareness and chooses to obliterate life by spewing out corrupted magical energies. The Sphere must be destroyed, but it lies at the center of the hollow mountain with only one way in or out. The Sphere is protected by defenses created a long time ago to thwart entry to the core of the mountain and the five races must reunite to defeat the defenses and destroy the Sphere once and for all. I would rate this 1155-page book 4.5 stars out of 5 because it is jammed packed with action and obstacles barring the main character’s way.


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