Book Review: Balance of Fate by Jeff Inlo

      In this third installment of the Delver Magic series, Ryson finds that his time of service to the land of Uton isn’t over yet. Togetherwith Holli Braces and Lief Woodson, Ryson and his friends must work together again to end the growing threat of evil and meet their unchangeable destinies. The serp Sazar allies with the evil sorceress Tabris and conquers the city of Connel. The dwarves redeem themselves after their attack on Connel by killing the goblins, rock beetles, and shags under the control of the serp. Ryson faces many tragedies as he fights for the good of Uton. I would rate this 873-page book 4.5 stars out of 5 because I really enjoyed the book and I thought it was as good as the previous books.


Book Review: Throne of Vengeance by Jeff Inlo

      This second book in the Delver Magic series is about the aftermath of the destruction of the Sphere of Ingar. A rebellion leads to a new threat and the dwarf queen, Yave, declares war on the algors. Ryson tries to warn the algors before they are sent to near extinction, but it was too late. Half the algor population was exterminated and now they seek revenge by sending huge sand giants to wreck havoc on the dwarf city responsible for the killing. The elves also want vengeance because the dwarves commanded by Yave also attacked their camp and killed two of the rare elf children. The elves plan to unleash the shadow trees, monstrous trees that feed on everything and each other and survive on darkness, on the dwarf city. This would obliterate the entire dwarf race and destroy the peace between the races. Can Ryson stop the world from spiraling into chaos? I would rate this 827-page book 4.5 stars out of 5 because it was full of close misses and sudden action.

Book Review: The Mazerunner by James Dashner

      This first book in the Maze Runner series is about a boy named Thomas. He wakes up in a lift with no memory of his life except for his first name, but he isn’t the only one. When the lift’s doors open, Thomas finds a crowd of kids who welcome him to the Glade, a large area enclosed by giant stone walls. The Gladers, like Thomas, have no idea why and how they got to the glade. All they know is that the stone walls to the maze that surrounds them open every morning and closes every evening. Every thirty days, a new boy is delivered to them in the lift and supplies are delivered every two weeks. The Gladers were expecting Thomas’s arrival, but a girl is sent there the next day with a message: This will be the last one. Ever. This changes everything and when supplies stop arriving, everyone panics. The effort to solve the maze increases as disasters start happening. The stone walls stop closing and the sun stopped rising. Grievers come into the Glade every night and a Glader is taken away. It is up to Thomas to find a way out before it’s too late. I would rate this 374-page book 4.5 stars out of 5 because the suspense and danger level is very high with a lot of action. I see why others like this book so much and I would recommend this book to you (if you hadn’t read this book yet).