Book Review: Balance of Fate by Jeff Inlo

      In this third installment of the Delver Magic series, Ryson finds that his time of service to the land of Uton isn’t over yet. Togetherwith Holli Braces and Lief Woodson, Ryson and his friends must work together again to end the growing threat of evil and meet their unchangeable destinies. The serp Sazar allies with the evil sorceress Tabris and conquers the city of Connel. The dwarves redeem themselves after their attack on Connel by killing the goblins, rock beetles, and shags under the control of the serp. Ryson faces many tragedies as he fights for the good of Uton. I would rate this 873-page book 4.5 stars out of 5 because I really enjoyed the book and I thought it was as good as the previous books.


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