Book Review: Throne of Vengeance by Jeff Inlo

      This second book in the Delver Magic series is about the aftermath of the destruction of the Sphere of Ingar. A rebellion leads to a new threat and the dwarf queen, Yave, declares war on the algors. Ryson tries to warn the algors before they are sent to near extinction, but it was too late. Half the algor population was exterminated and now they seek revenge by sending huge sand giants to wreck havoc on the dwarf city responsible for the killing. The elves also want vengeance because the dwarves commanded by Yave also attacked their camp and killed two of the rare elf children. The elves plan to unleash the shadow trees, monstrous trees that feed on everything and each other and survive on darkness, on the dwarf city. This would obliterate the entire dwarf race and destroy the peace between the races. Can Ryson stop the world from spiraling into chaos? I would rate this 827-page book 4.5 stars out of 5 because it was full of close misses and sudden action.


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