Book Review: Rise of the Red Dragon by Martin Rouillard

      This 246-page book is about teenage boy Samuel who had just turned fourteen. He gets two-hundred dollars to spend for his birthday and he goes to the Gryphon’s Lair, a role-playing games store. Samuel is drawn to a pair of white misshapen ivory dice with four or five blank unbalanced sides and decides to buy it for 50 dollars. He also notices another pair of dice that is nearly identical to the pair he bought, except that its was completely black. The next day, Samuel tries to paint the dice at school the next day, but the paint ran off, no matter how thick it was. He decides to drop it into a cup of water and sees strange runes appear on the sides of the dice, repelling the water. That night, he rolls the dice and is sent to the world of myths. Samuel finds out that he is a Lorekeeper, destined to save the mythical world from the holder of the black dice, and fights for his life against the forces of evil. Will he prevail? I would rate this book 5 stars out of 5 because it is a thrilling combination of magic and adventure.


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