Book Review: The Mazerunner by James Dashner

      This first book in the Maze Runner series is about a boy named Thomas. He wakes up in a lift with no memory of his life except for his first name, but he isn’t the only one. When the lift’s doors open, Thomas finds a crowd of kids who welcome him to the Glade, a large area enclosed by giant stone walls. The Gladers, like Thomas, have no idea why and how they got to the glade. All they know is that the stone walls to the maze that surrounds them open every morning and closes every evening. Every thirty days, a new boy is delivered to them in the lift and supplies are delivered every two weeks. The Gladers were expecting Thomas’s arrival, but a girl is sent there the next day with a message: This will be the last one. Ever. This changes everything and when supplies stop arriving, everyone panics. The effort to solve the maze increases as disasters start happening. The stone walls stop closing and the sun stopped rising. Grievers come into the Glade every night and a Glader is taken away. It is up to Thomas to find a way out before it’s too late. I would rate this 374-page book 4.5 stars out of 5 because the suspense and danger level is very high with a lot of action. I see why others like this book so much and I would recommend this book to you (if you hadn’t read this book yet).


Book Review: Death’s Angels by William King

      This first book of the Terrarch series is about the soldiers of the Seventh Infantry. They uncover an plot to waken an ancient evil God and they go on a quest to stop the evildoers from waking the God. Their quest takes them to the sinister city of the Spider God, and they face the deadly dangers that lie there. I would rate this 772-page book 4.5 stars out of 5 because it grabbed my attention and I didn’t even notice the time pass by. I can’t wait to read the next book. WARNING: CONTAINS SOME ADULT MATERIAL.

Book Review: Ignition by Rick Dearman

      In this first book of the Librarian series, Ranperen and Tantia, two young students, must travel across their battling country to find a cure for their poisoned Head Librarian the Chief Mage. They also have to find a way to save their library from being destroyed. The war causes chaos as the thieves guild and the beggars clash inside the city. There is danger everywhere. Will Ranperen and Tantia find the cure in time? Or will they be too late? I would rate this 449-page book 4 stars out of 5 because it was pretty exciting with random battles and narrow escapes.